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A2 A2 Hosting, we deal exclusively in top-end servers. We ensure our equipment is high-powered, ultra-reliable, and expertly tuned and monitoredby our team of engineers 24/7/365. We store our servers in high-end data centers around the globe so you can be sure your data is safe, secure, and accessible to you and your visitorswhen you need it. Keep reading to learn more about our data center locations and the various measures we take to give you the best hosting experience possible!

Data Center Options

  • USA - Michigan (
  • USA - Arizona (
  • Europe - Amsterdam (
  • Asia - Singapore (

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Our US-Based Datacenter

Red redundante

  • Entrada de doble fibra

  • Multihomed network connectivity (If one internet provider goes down, we have multiple others to pick up the slack!)

  • Minimum N+1 redundancy for power and cooling, including generator and UPS

Sistema de alimentación redundante

  • Alimentación ininterrumpida UPS de 300 kVA

  • Alimentación eléctrica de edificio de 480 V y 3- fases

  • Central eléctrica de 1200 A y 48 CC

  • Generador diesel Cummins 750 kVA

  • Circuito UPS de 20 A y 120 V CA


Seguridad de centro de datos

A2 Hosting's data center is SSAE16 certified. Physical data center security measures include:

  • Estacionamiento cerrado con entrada empleando llave de seguridad

  • Security key needed to enter the data centers

  • Llave de seguridad para acceder al bastidor de servidores totalmente cerrado

  • Video surveillance

  • Staffed 24x7

  • Multiple access control checkpoints including 2-factor control and mantraps

Entorno cuidadosamente regulado

  • Datacenter properly set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Clima controlado con niveles de humedad entre 30-40%

  • Static-free flooring



Data Center Details

Here are some of the specific features of our specific data center locations.

  • Equipment

    • Uninterruptable power

    • Yearly compliance audits

    • 100% Uptime Guarantee: power and cooling system is constructed to ensure no single point of failure

  • Security

    • Multifactor authentication

    • Electronic badge access points

    • Camera footage of the whole facility

    • 24/7/365 staffing monitoring and troubleshooting 

    • Disaster recovery to ensure safe and secure networks that are always accessible 

  • Certifications

    • SO 2, Type II/SOC 3 Compliant

    • HIPPA compliant

    • PCI-DSS compliance

    • SSAE-18

  • Equipment:

    • High-performance equipment

    • Uptime guarantee

    • 100% availability from comprehensive data backup and replication systems

    • Server coalition

    • Network services 

    • IT smart hands

  •  Security:

    • Hardware: X86, networking, storage, object storage

    • DDOS mitigation: DDoS protection system that minimizes the risk of failure to 0.001

    • Manage, detect, respond to threat management services

    • Orchestrated network defense

    • Multifactor authentications mechanisms

  • Onsite Security and Setup 

    • State of the art security and power generator systems

    • Disaster free area: low risk of natural disasters including floods and hurricanes

    • Expert staff

    • Raised floor space

    • Multi-tier security zones

    • High perimeter walls

    • Colocation

  • Security:

    • 5 security checkpoints

    • 24/7 manned security stations

    • Mantraps

    • Biometric readers

  • Power:

    • Full uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems with N+1 redundancy levels or greater 

    • Back up generator systems that can power the whole data center

  • Cooling:

    • Cooling Redundancy N+1 Chillers, N+25% CRAC unites

    • Multicomponent temperature control system running 24/7

      • Variable frequency drives

      • Chilled water pumps

      • Centrifugal chillers and condenser pumps

      • External cooling towers and cold-aisle containment

      • CRACR air-handling units in the colocation area

  • Certifications:

    • SOC 1 Type II

    • SOC 2 Type II

    • ISO 27001 ISO 22301

    • TVRA

    • PCI DSS
      SS 564

    • OSPAR

  • Green by design:

    • Adaptive control systems (active airflow management)

    • ASHRAE thermal guidelines

      • Reduce power consumption for cooling while maintaining safe operating temperature for computing equipment

    • Cold/Hot aisle containment:

      • Lowers energy consumption, use physical barriers to reduce mixing of cold air in data center supply aisles with hot air exhaust aisles

      • Energy-efficient lighting systems

      • Fuel cells

      • High temperature chilled water set points

Industry Best Solutions - A2 Hosting

Our goal isn't to win awards. Our goal is to offer the best web host solutionsthat are both blazing fast and ultra-reliable. Even so, we're still extremely proud of our team's accomplishments! Since our launch in 2003, their hard work has helped us earn recognition and accolades as the top hosting provider in the industry. 


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