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Packages Supporting Turbo Boost

In addition to Turbo Web Hosting for shared accounts, A2 Hosting offers a Turbo Boost option for the following hosting packages:

  • VPS administrado
  • Unmanaged (Dynamic) VPS
  • Managed Flex Dedicated server
  • Unmanaged Flex Dedicated server

Turbo Boost uses a drop-in Apache web server replacement. When it is combined with Turbo Cache, servers can load pages up to 20 times faster than standard hosting servers. Additionally, Turbo Boost provides the following advantages over traditional hosting configurations:

  • Less CPU and memory usage than Apache-based servers.
  • Faster and more efficient connection handling.
  • Enhanced stability.
  • Turbo Cache: This feature stores the entire HTML output of a page. This offers significant performance benefits, because a page's content can be served without running PHP each time it is requested.
For unmanaged servers, you must install the LiteSpeed server yourself. For more information, please see this article.