Reseller Quick Start Guide

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing a reseller package from A2 Hosting! This Quick Start Guide provides information you need to get your site and your customers' sites up and running.

Customer Portal

After you purchase a reseller package from A2 Hosting, you receive a Welcome e-mail message that provides information about how to access your account on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal. The Customer Portal enables you to view your account's product information, including:

  • The domain name and IP address.
  • cPanel and WebHost manager URLs and login information.
  • FTP server and login information.
  • E-mail server and login information.
  • DNS name server information.
  • SSH account information.

To find this information, please first log in to the A2 Hosting Customer Portal. It can be found at:

Your new reseller space is located under the orange Your Active Products/Services section as shown in the screenshot below:

Click on Reseller account in Customer Portal

Click anywhere on your Reseller package. This will take you to the Manage page. The Manage page contains all the technical information you need for your account such as FTP, SSH, and cPanel login information:

Customer Portal account information

For more information about how to use the Customer Portal, please see these articles.

Dedicated IP addresses

Did you know that one of the perks of having a Reseller hosting account with A2 Hosting is that you can add additional dedicated IP addresses? If you would like to purchase an additional dedicated IP address, please follow our guide How to order a dedicated IP address.

Managing Your Reseller Accounts with WHM/cPanel

You can use WebHost Manager and cPanel to manage your own account and your customers' accounts.

WebHost Manager

WebHost Manager (WHM) allows you to run your business exactly as you see fit and offers unique customization to cater to the unique needs of your clients with the ability to create custom packages. With WHM, there are endless possibilities that you can use to deliver the best experience for your clients. WHM gives you control over the packages and features you’d like to sell and enables you to manage your customers' accounts. Our article How to manage WebHost Manager packages walks you through the process of creating packages so you can best serve your clients’ needs.

Once you have your customers set with packages that will best suit what their own sites need, you will want to create accounts for your clients. Our How to manage web hosting accounts with WHM article walks you through creating, modifying, and deleting accounts within WHM. 

A2 Hosting provides a wide variety of Knowledge Base articles about WHM that cover everything from password management, how to view your account’s disk and bandwidth usage, and how to use skeleton files to provide default content for customer accounts. Our Guru crew is there to help you deliver the best possible service to your clients and support your business as it grows.


cPanel is the primary administration interface for your account. For more information about how to use cPanel, please see these articles.

Billing Interfaces


WHMCS is a comprehensive solution used by Reseller Hosting customers for the automation of their web hosting businesses. WHMCS is used for client administration, billing, and offering support. Appropriately enough, WHMCS is an acronym for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. WHMCS has an excellent reputation for being both highly flexible and for its quick feature release cycles. While not every hosting company has the same features or needs, WHMCS can be customized to fit those individual needs for each individual host.

Ordering WHMCS

Ordering a branded or unbranded WHMCS license is simple and straightforward.. The unbranded licenses allow you to replace the customer-facing WHMCS branding with your own. The ordering process for a WHMCS unbranded or branded license is virtually the same, and our article How to order a WHMCS license will guide you through the process of getting your very own WHMCS license.

Installing WHMCS

You can have WHMCS up and running on your website in minutes by using the Softaculous application installer in cPanel. Simply follow the instructions in our Installing WHMCS using Softaculous article, and you’ll be up and running in no time!


Blesta is a great alternative to WHMCS. This application functions as a client management, support, and billing platform that offers excellent client management and is a great choice for resellers. 

Ordering a Blesta License

Blesta licenses are free for all reseller hosting packages. In order to get started with using Blesta for your site, you first need to order a Blesta license.

Installing Blesta

Installing Blesta is a breeze once you receive your license. After your domain successfully resolves in a web browser, and the site has been secured with an SSL certificate, head on over to A2’s 1-click install Blesta using Softaculous article. This will guide you through the painless installation of Blesta.

Connecting WHM to WHMCS and Blesta

A2’s Connecting WHM to WHMCS guide shows you how to connect your account to WHMCS. Blesta users can refer to Blesta’s own documentation that describes how to connect Blesta to WHM.

Securing Sites


The ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) within WebHost Manager is a powerful tool that helps you to secure sites. A2 Hosting’s How to Manage and Secure the CSF Firewall article is an in-depth guide that will help you to secure your site, and teach you important functions like how to unblock an IP address.

Free SSL Certificates

Free DV SSL certificates are provisioned automatically through a server-side program called AutoSSL. SSL Certificates renew automatically to ensure continuous coverage. There are a few issues that might prevent AutoSSL from working as intended. Our article How To Setup AutoSSL On Your Domain will help you troubleshoot any problems that arise. 

Creating a Brand

Branding with WHM

Delivering to clients a customized experience is one of the best WHM features. Our WHM branding guide walks you through how to deliver a personalized experience for your clients. 

Custom name servers

Custom name servers are yet another way that you can customize your experience with A2 Hosting’s reseller plan. For example, you can use name servers such as and, where represents your domain name.

Once the A records have been added (or that you’ve verified that you already have functioning nameservers,) you must register the custom nameservers with the domain’s registrar. After completing these steps, you will reach out to our Support Team, who will add the new custom nameservers to the A2 Hosting DNS cluster. The process is detailed in our How to configure custom name servers article.

Migrating Sites

If you’re coming from another hosting provider and need to have your accounts transferred over, our Migration Team will be happy to assist you. Our Requesting a Site Migration article explains how to request a migration. . Most migrations take between 24-48 hours to complete (however, more complex migrations might take longer.)

Need help getting off the ground?

If you need assistance or have a question regarding setting up your reseller hosting plan, please open a ticket on the Customer Portal at and one of our Guru Crew will be glad to help you.

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