How to add a language pack in OpenCart

You may be serving a diverse range of customers from various countries through your OpenCart store. It is best to provide your users with the option of selecting a language in order to provide them with the best shopping experience possible. This article explains how to install a language pack in OpenCart.

Downloading the language pack from OpenCart Marketplace

To download a language pack from OpenCart Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account at, access the OpenCart MarketPlace, and then download the language pack extension:

  2. Unzip the folder , you will only need the * to install the language extension:

Installing language pack in OpenCart

To install a language pack in OpenCart, follow these steps:

  1. Log into OpenCart as an administrator.
  2. On the Dashboard in the left sidebar, click Extensions, and then click Installer:

  3. Select and upload * language extension pack from Downloading the language pack from OpenCart Marketplace:Step 2, and wait for the process to finish:

  4. Click on refresh to rebuild the modification cache:

Configuring language pack in OpenCart

To configure the downloaded language pack, follow these steps:

  1. On the Dashboard in the left sidebar, click Localisation, and then click Languages:

  2. To add the installed language, click on the Add New button:

  3. Fill in the language name, code, locale, set its status, and save the changes:

    Note: If you need help with the Locale, please visit
  4. Your store will display a select language dropdown that will let your customers set their preferred language:

More Information

For more information about language packs, please visit:

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