Choose the SSL Solution for Your Needs

All SSL Certificatesprovide the baseline encryptionneeded to keep your data & your customers safe. Beyond encryption, choose the SSL solution that aligns best with your company goals & needs.

Which SSL Certificate is Right for You?

Basic SSL (DV)

      Ideal For...

  • Sites requiring basic security
  • Internal or Non-Public facing sites
  • Web-based applications that don't have a fraud risk
  • Sites where credibility matters less than data security

Premium SSL (OV)

      Ideal For...

  • Public-facing sited limited to less-sensitive transactions
  • Searchable information sites
  • Government and educational sites

Advanced SSL (EV)

      Ideal For... 

  • Sites that require login, accept payments, or handle private information or other sensitive data such as eCommerce, banking, and healthcare sites.
  • Sites that want to reassure their visitors with a visual indicator in the address bar

Enterprise SSL (EV)

      Ideal For...

  • Same use-cases as the Advance SSL (EV)
  • Organizations demanding the highest level security available such as Quantum-proof encryption
  • Organizations desiring a certificate management platform solution

Complete List of Available SSL Certificates

RapidSSL $ 49.99 $ 99.98 $ 149.97 BUY NOW
QuickSSL Premium $ 79.99 $ 159.89 $ 239.97 BUY NOW
RapidSSL Wildcard $ 149.95 $ 299.90 $ 449.85 BUY NOW
True BusinessID $ 179.00 $ 358.00 $ 537.00 BUY NOW
DigiCert STD SSL $ 199.00 $ 398.00 $ 597.00 BUY NOW
True BusinessID EV $ 269.00 $ 538.00 $ 807.00 BUY NOW
Extended Validation SSL $ 319.00 $ 638.00 $ 957.00 BUY NOW
Secure Site® SSL $ 359.00 $ 718.00 $ 1077.00 BUY NOW
QuickSSL Wildcard $ 431.00 $ 862.00 $ 1293.00 BUY NOW
Secure Site® EV $ 929.00 $ 1858.00 $ 2787.00 BUY NOW
Secure Site® Pro SSL $ 929.00 $ 1858.00 $ 2787.00 BUY NOW
True BusinessID WC $ 699.00 $ 1398.00 $ 2097.00 BUY NOW
Secure Site® Pro EV $ 1299.00 $ 2598.00 $ 3897.00 BUY NOW

SSL Certificate Providers from A2 Hosting

Not only does A2 Hosting offer a wide variety of SSL Certificate options, but also from a variety of SSL Certificate providers. Here are the vendors currently available from A2 Hosting.

Multi Year Plans Explained

The web ecosystem is always improving and becoming safer. To minimize vulnerabilities, one such update occurred on septiembre 1, 2020, in which SSL certificates can now only be valid for one year max (398 days). What does is mean for you? Well, if you're accustomed to reissuing certificates every two years, then now you'll need to reissue them every year. Thankfully, the Certificate Authorities have introduced Multi year Plans, which allows you to purchase SSL coverage for up to three years. While a certificate still needs to be issued yearly, the Multi year Plans will provide you with discounts and help you save time from needing to purchase a new certificate every year. All our SSL products come with multiple year SSL coverage of up to three years.

SSL Certificate Solutions To Fit Your Needs

At A2 Hosting, you get a wide range of SSL Certificateoptions from free SSL Certificates to Premium and Advances SSL options for your eCommerce and mission-critical sites. Our affordable SSL Certificates offer quick setup that makes HTTPS easy. Enhance your web hosting account and your website with an SSL Certificate to increase visitor trust, search engine traffic, website security and much more!

SSL Certificate Product Reviews

A2 Hosting offers a number of SSL Certificate options. Here are just a few SSL Certificate Reviews from our customers who have chosen one of our options.

SSL Certificate FAQs

Have questions about SSL Certificates? We have your answers below! 

For just about any site, you probably need an SSL Certificate. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provides safe communication via the internet. SSL Certificates protect sensitive information with encryption techniques when transmitting information between a web server and a web browser. Millions of websites use SSL Certificates on their site to keep their customers' and their visitors' information safe. Your visitors will notice that your site is protected by an SSL Certificate because your website URL will begin with HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. Additional signals of a site being secured by HTTPs is the padlock in the browser bar and a green extended validation bar found in more advanced SSL Certificate options. Some SSL Certificates also offer you a secure site seal for you to publish to signify to your visitors that your website is safe and their information is safe from potential attackers.

An SSL Certificate is installed on a web server to authenticate your website's identity. This means that the website is what it claims to be. In other words, it proves your identity to your visitors so they can be sure they are seeing your site, and not a fake or bogus website.

The other key function of an SSL Certificate is that it encrypts the data that is transmitted between the server containing the site and your visitors. This prevents data being sent between your website and your visitors from being read by anyone else.

Absolutely! In Google Chrome, if your site is not protected by an SSL Certificate, your visitors will get a warning message that your site is "Not Secure".

SSL certificates are strongly recommended if you have a website that receives or transmit any sensitive information like credit card numbers, license numbers, social security numbers etc. They are also strongly recommended for any pages where a password is submitted. While SSL Certificates especially important in these instances, it has become more evident recently that all sites should actually be SSL protected. That's because many browsers have started to flag sites that are not using the SSL/HTTPS protocol for being unsafe. Protecting your site with an SSL Certificate can prevent you from having this distinction. 

Additionally, buying an SSL Certificate for your site is one the easiest and fastest ways you can boost your SEO rankings. That's because part of Google's algorithm is whether your website can be considered trustworthy or not. In short, having an SSL Certificate for your site is the new standard as they provide a secure connection from your site's server to your visitors' browsers.

When your website's audience visits your site, their browser checks for and views your SSL Certificate. Your visitors' computer confirms your site's identity through your SSL's Certificate Authority, the organization that issed the digital certificate.

If everything checks out OK, your visitors' computer and the server your website is hosted on perform a digital "handshake". This is when the computer and your server determine what sort of encryption will be used to create a secure connection. This is known as the Secure Socket Layer, or SSL. The flow of data between the computers is encrypted, meaning it is jumbled up into a code to prevent unauthorized viewing. Your visitors' browser will display some sort of identifer, usually a padlock, indicating to your visitor that a secure connection with your website has been made.

Los certificados SSL son otorgados por una entidad de certificación (Certificate Authority o CA). El trabajo de esta entidad es verificar que el propietario del sitio Web es en realidad quien dice ser. Una verificación de empresa puede también ocurrir si el sitio es de propiedad de una empresa, probablemente una tienda de comercio electrónico. Una copia del certificado SSL es recibida una vez que la CA verifica al propietario del sitio. El propietario del sitio Web es entonces libre de instalar su certificado SSL en el servidor de su sitio Web.

Una vez que el explorador de su visitante accede al servidor Web que hospeda a su sitio, tiene lugar un “protocolo de enlace SSL”. Esto significa que el explorador y el servidor han establecido una llave que informa a ambos que la comunicación es segura y que el certificado SSL es de hecho válido. Lo más importante es que sus visitantes también sabrán que cualquier información que sea transmitida a usted, sea una contraseña, número de tarjeta de crédito o número de seguro social, estará segura gracias al uso del certificado SSL.

Follow our SSL Certificate guideto learn more!

An SSL Certificate allows your site to move from HTTP to the safer Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The use of HTTPS helps protect your visitors' connections made to your site and avoid what is known as "man-in the-middle" attacks. This type of attack, where sensitive communication/information is intercepted and de-crypted, can be protected against with the use of an SSL Certificate. 

You should have one SSL certificate to protect each of your websites. With that being said, if your site has multiple subdomains (i.e, etc.), you should consider a Wildcard SSL. That's because a single Wildcard SSL Certificate can protect unlimited subdomains.

A2 Hosting also offers multi-domain SSL certificates. This SSL solutions protect multiple domains with a single certificate.

Certificado SSL de sitio único

While our free SSL Certificates work great and are just as secure as other SSL Certificate options, there are a number of advantages in choosing one of our Single Site SSL Certificate options. These advantages include:

  • Warranties - Our SSL Single Site Certificate options offer a warranty, as opposed to a free SSL Certiricate which does not.
  • Verificación de dominio − Sus visitantes apreciarán saber que su dominio ha sido verificado y que usted puede a la larga ver un incremento en su tasa de conversión debido a esto.
  • Sellos de sitio − Se ofrece un sello de sitio para que usted lo muestre en su sitio Web, indicando que su sitio está asegurado vía SSL.
  • Easy Setup - Yes, our free SSL is a zero-configuration option. However, we also offer Single Site SSL Certificate options that offer an easy setup.
  • Obtenga SSL de sitio único

Certificados SSL de caracter comodín

Looking to secure a number of subdomains but concerned about having to buy an SSL Certificate for each one? Our Wildcard SSL Certificates offer the perfect solution! Protect an unlimited number of subdomains with this subdomain option. Get Wildcard SSL

Certificados SSL avanzados

Nuestros avanzados certificados SSL ofrecen las opciones más seguras para sitios de comercio electrónico:

  • Autenticación de organización − Les da a sus visitantes la habilidad de leer más sobre su organización simplemente haciendo clic en la barra SSL de su explorador.
  • Extended Validation - Provides the highest level of trust by turning the browser address bar green when visiting your site. Get Advanced SSL

It may sound too good to be true, but A2 Hosting offers you a free SSL Certificatesfor your domain. When you choose A2 Hosting, your free SSL Certificate is added to your domain automatically. Best of all, our free SSLs are just as secure as paid SSL alternatives. Get a Free SSL Certificate

You're most likely looking for our free SSL Certificate if you're looking for free SSL Hosting. However we do also offer a free Shared SSL Certificate on our Web Hosting plans. Our Shared SSL certificates provide you with a way to encrypt a connection that is not seen by the public. Best of all, you don't worry about the SSL Certificate cost . Our Shared SSL Certificates will list a domain owned by A2 Hosting in place of a domain that you own. The URL format when using one of these SSLs will look similar to

Are you an A2 Hosting Shared Hosting customer that would like to use a free SSL Certificate? Just submit a support ticket on the My A2 Hosting Customer Portalto request access.

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