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Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting

It's easy to see that virtual private servers (VPS) are the future of hosting. Not only is VPS hosting immensely popular, but it's also one of the most powerful platforms upon which to host complicated websites and apps that would easily exceed the demands of typical shared hosting. That's because as clients are piled up on shared computers, each starts to fight one another for the scarce resources available.

But VPS hosting flips the script. Instead of sharing resources with other sites and clients, you'll get your own dedicated resources under a virtual private server. And if you have a competent team and you don't need the assistance of managed hosting, you can get all the power of a VPS while also retaining control over all aspects of your VPS. It's known as unmanaged VPS hosting, and it's one of the best ways to save money on support that you don't need.

However, if you'd rather focus less on the technical aspects and more on the bigger picture, we also offer managed VPS hosting to meet your every need.

What are the Advantages of Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

If you'd rather set up your hosting environment to your exact specifications and you want to take full control of the bandwidth, storage space and resource allocation available to you, an unmanaged VPS is ideal. Not only can the server be customized to your exact need, but it's also a cheap way to do VPS hosting since you don't have to pay for the management layer on top. 

With unmanaged VPS hosting, you'll get the ability to install whatever software packages you want and to manage your server as you see fit. That's much better than dealing with limitations and ending up more frustrated because of it. 

But if you're worried about downtime and other issues, we won't leave you high and dry if there's a problem. As the host, we'll still be responsible for our network and the hardware you depend on, ensuring that whatever you demand from your VPS is always available and ready for you to tap into.

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Nuestro objetivo no es ganar premios. Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer las mejores soluciones de hospedaje Web, ultra-rápidas y ultra-confiables. ¡Aún así, estamos muy orgullosos de los logros de nuestro equipo! Desde nuestro lanzamiento en 2003,, el duro trabajo de nuestro equipo nos ha ayudado a obtener reconocimiento y premios como el mejor proveedor de hospedaje Web en la industria. 

Unmanaged VPS Hosting FAQs

VPS is an abbreviation for "virtual private server". A VPS works by dividing a physical server into separate virtual machines. Each of these virtual machines, or virtual private servers, operate completely independently from one another. In other words, each VPS has its own operating system as well as allocation of resources like RAM, CPU and disk space. This provides you with an environment that closely mimics that of a Dedicated Server, without the costs associated with it.

If you are looking for an easy upgrade from your Shared Hosting account and want to continue using an intuitive control panel like cPanel, we recommend that you select a Managed VPS account. Our expert support team can even seamlessly migrate your existing website into a Managed VPS for free!

If, on the other hand, you are an experienced developer who is comfortable working with command line and want root access so you can fully customize your server, an Unmanaged VPS would be a better option for you.

Custom Operating Systems - Another way you can customize your VPS to your specific needs is with your choice of Linux operating systems. Select from the best versions of Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian. If you're in the middle of a project and want change to a different version or a different OS entirely, you can change and re-load your operating system on demand whenever you want!

Custom Software - Not only is your VPS custom, it's also extremely flexible. That's because you get full root access offering you administrative level control. You will have the flexibility needed to install and run software not supported in a managed hosting environment. We even give you full boot, shutdown and reboot control!

Custom VPS Management - While our virtual private server plans are designed to be managed with command line, you have the option to add cPanel for your VPS management! cPanel is an extremely easy to use control panel. Use it to manage everything including your files, databases, email and sites. When you add cPanel, you also have the option to add Softaculous! Use Softaculous to install today's most popular software with just a single click. Setup WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop and more! You'll also get automatically notified when a new version of your software is released. Easily log into your cPanel control panel, click the Softaculous icon and update your software with a single click!

Custom Data Center Location - If there weren't enough customization options already, we also offer worldwide data center location options! Choose a datacenter that is closer to you or your visitors for reduced latency and ultimate performance!

¿Prefiere una solución de alojamiento totalmente gestionada? Tómese un momento para revisar nuestra oferta de alojamiento VPS administrados. Estos planes incluyen tanto el panel de control cPanel fácil de usar, además de nuestra Gestión HostGuard.

Your VPS is hosted on our SwiftServer platform, a product of over 10 years of fine tuning. Just a few of the features contributing to our SwiftServer's performance include solid state drives, the fact that we properly load our servers and our quadruple network.

También ofrecemos nuestra opción VPS Turbo Boost si usted está buscando para un máximo rendimiento. Páginas alojadas en nuestro Turbo Boost VPS planes de carga hasta 20 X más rápido en comparación con la competencia anfitriones VPS. Nuestra Turbo Boost VPS cuentan con planes:

  • Soporte para HTTP / 2, Spdy e incluye borde lateral (ESI)
  • Aumento de la estabilidad
  • Capacidad para manejar las conexiones de manera más eficiente y más rápido

También puede pensar que ya ha personalizado su VPS, que le pegan con los recursos que seleccionó originalmente cuando creó su cuenta. Eso no es cierto. Si necesita recursos adicionales después de registrarse para su cuenta, eso es sólo una señal de que su sitio está creciendo. Es una señal de éxito. Usted no debe ser penalizado porque para este éxito. Es por eso que nuestros planes de VPS son completamente escalable. Contacte con nuestro equipo de apoyo cuando se necesita más recursos y estaremos encantados de ayudarle.

Are you concerned that you'll outgrow your virtual private server account? Don't be! Your site has additional room to grow at A2 Hosting because we can seamlessly upgrade you to one of our Dedicated Servers when a VPS no longer fits your needs.

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